Programs and Projects

The Balanga City Government undertakes and proposes various public and private projects, programs, activities and events which will contribute to the economic and social upliftment thereby improving the quality of life in the City. Some of the major projects are as follows:

The University Town Area

As this administration believes that education is an effective tool for people empowerment, the City of Balanga envisions of evolving as A World Class University Town in 2020.
To ensure the achievement of this, it has come up with the City Ordinance No. 21, Series of 2008, “Declaring the eighty and forty-two (80.42) hectares at the city’s central district as University Town in the City of Balanga, Bataan” with school sites beyond this as the satellite areas. This ordinance shall be considered as an integral part of the existing Comprehensive Land Use Plan and the currently being updated Comprehensive Land and Water Use Plan of the City of Balanga. All businesses to be constructed/put up within the area shall conform to the present utilization as indicated to work positively on the ideals, concepts and purposes of creation of the University Town Area.
The conceptual proposed land use within the university town is as follows:
Residential zone/area covers 41.5121 hectares or 51.62% of the total proposed university town area.
Commercial zone/area occupies around 12.6795 hectares or 15.77% of the total proposed university town area and located at the heart of university town.
Institutional zone/area, schools, churches, city hall and other public/institutional building utilize around 18.5133 hectares or 23.02% of the total proposed university town area.
Parks and recreation zone/area like parks and playground within the university town comprises 0.6007 hectares or 0.75% of the total proposed university town area.

Education and Training

Tantamount to its vision of being a world class university town wherein education plays a vital role, the city implements the following programs:

  • Responsible Parents Education/Training through Education for the Upbringing of Children (Educhild)
  • Reactivation of the Council for the Protection of Children
  • Iskolar Balangueño Scholarship Program
  • TEaCHNOLOGY Computerization Program
  • PGMA – training for Work Scholarship Program (TWSP)
  • Provision of Assistance to Public schools
  • Centers for Excellence

Environmental Projects

The Balanga City, eyeing to have a number of major transformations as it becomes a university town, launches projects and programs not only aimed to attain modernization/urbanization but ensure environmental protection and conservation as well.
The projects are:

  • Mangrove reforestation in the shoreline of Tortugas
  • Memorandum of Agreement between Balanga and Pilar on Talisay River Clean-up Drive
  • Integrated Solid Waste Management Program
  • Balik Bayong/Basket Program; Junkshop ng Bayan Program; Kapirasong Basura Mo, Ibulsa Mo
  • Declaration of Bird Watching Sites in the City
  • Declaration of Critical Habitat Areas
  • Smoke-Free City Advocacy
  • Institutionalization of the Balanga Biodiversity Foundation
  • Dredging and maintenance of canals/waterways

These show the City Government’s advocacy to preserve the environment and sustain the economy.


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